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We’re an ROI-rocket Social Media Marketing and PPC Ads Agency that drives
Ecommerce results in the stratosphere.

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Our team of experts has created campaigns that generated an ROI as high as 8x the investment for our clients. 🚀

With LabEcom Agency You will:

We live and breath Performance Marketing

Labecom is a Digital Marketing Agency with a team of digital natives that share a unique purpose: to help startups and Ecommerce to skyrocket sales using Social Media Advertising and PPC Ads.

Our founders, Wesley Banza and Michelle Jakobs, are serial entrepreneurs considered authorities in Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce, Marketplaces, and Digital Products in the UK and Latin America.

For the past 12 years, our team of experts has strategized, managed, and optimized hundreds of thousands of paid Social Media Ads and Pay-Per-Click campaigns for our clients and our businesses and we have consistently driven growth as a result. 

Ready to skyrocket your ROI with Paid Social and PPC Ads?

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Frequently Asked

We are a customized agency. We understand any customer is unique, so this can be
different depending on business needs and goals.

Our team has been working with digital marketing for more than 12 years. Our expertise and experience are based on real cases from the “battlefield”, not books or academic environments.

First, you can book a call with us. We will understand your business needs and analyze your potential. Then, if it makes sense for each other, we can set an agreement and start an onboarding meet, when you will know our team and who would be working with you. We
need 120 days to implement and collect results.

That’s the question we receive a lot. Business and people are unique. It will depend on the demand, product, logistics, customer service, market, competition, etc. That’s why we need 120 days to understand, implement and collect the first results.

We have deep knowledge of different types of ecommerces: branded online stores,
dropshipping, marketplaces, etc. Also we have great experience on infobusiness/products
and startups in general.

Over the years, we managed all types of online stores around the world, achieving more
than USD 20 MM. Also, our LabEcom School has more than 12.000 students learning digital
marketing strategies for ecommerce and digital products.